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Sonic Resistance - SFM Live Poster by ZentrixStudios Sonic Resistance - SFM Live Poster :iconzentrixstudios:ZentrixStudios 17 2 Sonic Resistance - Silver Team SFM by ZentrixStudios Sonic Resistance - Silver Team SFM :iconzentrixstudios:ZentrixStudios 15 5 Freedom Resurrection Sally Concept and Info by ZentrixStudios Freedom Resurrection Sally Concept and Info :iconzentrixstudios:ZentrixStudios 14 5 Freedom Resurrection Tails Concept and Info by ZentrixStudios Freedom Resurrection Tails Concept and Info :iconzentrixstudios:ZentrixStudios 12 3 Sonic Resistance - Start Screen Fan Interpretation by ZentrixStudios Sonic Resistance - Start Screen Fan Interpretation :iconzentrixstudios:ZentrixStudios 7 18 Project Sonic 2017 - Support Card by ZentrixStudios Project Sonic 2017 - Support Card :iconzentrixstudios:ZentrixStudios 17 17 Sonic 16 - Re-imagined 'Visual Game-Play Concept' by ZentrixStudios Sonic 16 - Re-imagined 'Visual Game-Play Concept' :iconzentrixstudios:ZentrixStudios 14 15 Sonic 16 - Reimagined by ZentrixStudios Sonic 16 - Reimagined :iconzentrixstudios:ZentrixStudios 9 6 The Fox of Vigor - Miles Prower - Alias Tails by ZentrixStudios The Fox of Vigor - Miles Prower - Alias Tails :iconzentrixstudios:ZentrixStudios 17 6 Freedom Resurrection Poster #2 by ZentrixStudios Freedom Resurrection Poster #2 :iconzentrixstudios:ZentrixStudios 4 5 Freedom Resurrection Promo #3 by ZentrixStudios Freedom Resurrection Promo #3 :iconzentrixstudios:ZentrixStudios 1 0 MOBIUS-Rebirth| Alicia Sally Acorn Animated by ZentrixStudios MOBIUS-Rebirth| Alicia Sally Acorn Animated :iconzentrixstudios:ZentrixStudios 3 10 Freedom Resurrection Dev-Cache #2 by ZentrixStudios Freedom Resurrection Dev-Cache #2 :iconzentrixstudios:ZentrixStudios 8 2 Freedom Resurrection Dev-Cache #1 by ZentrixStudios Freedom Resurrection Dev-Cache #1 :iconzentrixstudios:ZentrixStudios 8 6 FF Standard Tac-Band (MOBIUS-Rebirth Concept) by ZentrixStudios FF Standard Tac-Band (MOBIUS-Rebirth Concept) :iconzentrixstudios:ZentrixStudios 2 0 Fiona Connor Fauxly (MOBIUS-Rebirth Portrait) by ZentrixStudios Fiona Connor Fauxly (MOBIUS-Rebirth Portrait) :iconzentrixstudios:ZentrixStudios 28 22


SONIC RETOLD - Main Cover by glitcher SONIC RETOLD - Main Cover :iconglitcher:glitcher 801 211 Sonic 16 is back by ClassicSonicSatAm Sonic 16 is back :iconclassicsonicsatam:ClassicSonicSatAm 34 21 The elite. by semaseri The elite. :iconsemaseri:semaseri 3 0 An unknown face by semaseri An unknown face :iconsemaseri:semaseri 2 1 Saikou Riddel *commission* by ThatBlue-Bolt Saikou Riddel *commission* :iconthatblue-bolt:ThatBlue-Bolt 61 20 Hertha Andansson *commission* by ThatBlue-Bolt Hertha Andansson *commission* :iconthatblue-bolt:ThatBlue-Bolt 37 20 Adult Tails by ThatBlue-Bolt Adult Tails :iconthatblue-bolt:ThatBlue-Bolt 146 83 COMM: Hunted by glitcher COMM: Hunted :iconglitcher:glitcher 675 114
Archie sonic sales drop
Over on ASO (Archie Sonic Online), there's a thread about the Post-Super-Genesis Wave issue sales.
At the latest issue of Sonic (283), is 6,677.
For Sonic Universe, at the latest issue, is 5,724.
Not bad, but not good when compared to 2007 and 2008.
The comics had an average of 34,694 sales, and Universe had an average of 29,613.
So what are some of the causes of the drop in sales?
1: The reboot.
I know not everyone is a fan of Ken Penders characters and what not, but when Ian was in control of things he seemed to have a good handle on them. I can see why people where really hooked on the comic with Ian in. However, once the lawsuit came to be and a reboot was needed, things had to change.
I wouldn't be surprised if old time fans or fans who were liking the comic with all it's characters and Ian in control decided to jump ship.
2. The current story arch.
I can understand why now Ian and Archie want to get the shattered world crisis done and over with. I'm not sure who's idea it was to
:iconteamrandom21:teamrandom21 8 46
Gustav Klimt inspired by ilona-veresk Gustav Klimt inspired :iconilona-veresk:ilona-veresk 78 6 His Idea of a Summer Holiday by MyRedYoshi His Idea of a Summer Holiday :iconmyredyoshi:MyRedYoshi 75 29 Star Fox Zero is Here! by MyRedYoshi Star Fox Zero is Here! :iconmyredyoshi:MyRedYoshi 69 34 Robotnik - Walking Animation by Whoknows4682 Robotnik - Walking Animation :iconwhoknows4682:Whoknows4682 61 8 Sonic Satam - Robotnik by Whoknows4682 Sonic Satam - Robotnik :iconwhoknows4682:Whoknows4682 55 9 Royal Connection by KissTheThunder Royal Connection :iconkissthethunder:KissTheThunder 499 154



Sonic Resistance - SFM Live Poster
"Sonic Resistance"
is a new
Source Film Maker
animation that
is currently being
worked on by
"Silver Team",
and will sport
something quite
different in terms
of presentation, the story,
and how the world is.

Being loosely based off
of what was shown in the
teaser from Sonic Team's
upcoming game with no name
other than "Project Sonic 2017",
and ideas prior...

Two most prominent ideas
taking creative inspiration from
sources; such as
the 1982 sci-fi cult classic
film "Blade Runner", as well as
Steven Spielberg's 2005
blockbuster hit
"War of The Worlds".

In the end,
we at "Silver Team" are
working hard to provide you
with something truly special,
enjoyable, and... Best of all.

With a teaser to be
revealed soon, and hopefully
if well received. Later next year
we'll have a fully complete
short film, that takes place
right after, from where the teaser for "Sonic Resistance" ends.

Stay tuned, for more more development updates and... Enjoy the poster GIF.

-Silver Team
-ZealousFoX (ZentrixStudios)
Sonic Resistance - Silver Team SFM
Sonic Resistance is pushing to be a new kind of SFM animation. With a new sense of visual and presentation towards its viewers.

The SFM, will be loosely-based on what was shown in the trailer for Project Sonic 2017, but with a more in depth and original approach to boot. There will be 10 characters, each feeling more fleshed out and relatable. But in the end the star of it, is the mood and afflictions certain characters could have, so this will hopefully provide a fresh and fun animation for those that like intensity and depth.

Posing of the characters on SFM, was done by WinderBeasts, and the rest by ZealousFoX, or well... Me in other words.

Enjoy the poster, while "Silver Team" is hard at work to give fans and gamers alike something new and special.

Thank you, and stay tuned.

SFM posing - WinderBeasts (Silver Team - Animator)

Poster and effects - ZealousFoX (Silver Team - Lead Writer/visual director)
Freedom Resurrection Sally Concept and Info
Well here she is... The leader of the Freedom Fighters that stole a lot of our childhoods under us back in 1993 and 1994. Though as you can see she's not the yearning and yet exceptional young leader anymore. But given the fact three years have gone by since the fall of the Doomsday Machine. Well... A lot has changed (so not to give out to much critical information, hmm?)

We'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions on her design, and the small taste into her thoughts and perception of the world after Doomsday.
Freedom Resurrection Tails Concept and Info
Well here's a pretty big and key character to FR's core story and experience.  You see, SatAM Tails always a purpose that was never truly full-filled, which judging by the bits of info that comes with this concept piece. Looks as though Tails id going to be quite the character, just as much as everyone else will be in the world our team is crafting.

We'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions on Tails design, and the small taste into his mind and his views of the world after Doomsday.

I give a lot of thanks to MEGAPI and having such a surprising out come of positive feed back. We would have never expected that there would be hardly an ounce of criticism or negative feedback. This unsuspecting boost of reception has only fueled our efforts to provide something great and new to the table even more.

Again we really appreciate the opportunity to be interviewed about what our team is working on, and I hope in the future you'll be able to experience the team's hard work.

On another note, I'll be uploading two "Freedom Resurrection" character concept pieces with some engaging info about them here momentarily, before I head off to bed.

So stay tuned for those shortly. Thanks again for the feedback from those that are watching us, or have left a comment/fave on ZealousFoX's personal work, or our subtle yet fun promo/conceptual project art uploads. Means a lot.

-Zentrix Studios


                             “PROJECT SONIC 2017"


-Congrats SEGA and Sonic Team on practically winning the nobel prize of “just dropped a positive WTF!? On a fan base…"
Good on ya, let’s see what you provide moving onward.-


So I know that this one trailer is all the talk as much as Sonic Mania is the buzz with the fans right now. But has anyone else watched Project Sonic 2017's trailer at a much lower speed. Because I'm starting to notice a lot more than just a city under attack or already taken over.  

 So now here's my thoughts and observations with this trailer. I've also screen capped three moments within the trailer, in the hopes to better understand where my thoughts are.


- This moment in the trailer just shows how far Sonic Team has come in delivering quite a camera shot.
Also gives you another good example as to this trailer being all done with in-engine graphics.
Pre-rendered scenes might just be a thing of the past finally for Sonic.
Outside of Big Red Button’s Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric’s cut-scenes-


 So with the first photo we see the city in a smoldering ruin, except where Sonic is at. Though there is a lot of damage taken place near him. Not to the extent that is off in the distance. On top of this we get a better understanding as to where Sonic may be in the world. (Personally I feel this might be a form of New Orleans take with the cities design, which would be rather interesting to say the least.) Or if this is a form of SatAM/Archie inspired game (hence "Join the Resistance" text) But what if maybe this city is Sonic Team's take on Mobotropolis, with a form of coup or invasion in effect, one that might have been going on for days maybe even weeks. Before the big robots come storming in and clean out the city.


-Also I’m really thinking this whole trailer is utilizing in-engine
(not to be mistaken with in-game)-

 So then this thought brings me to frame two, and what it has really gotten me pondering as I look into the last few moments of the trailer, and where this new take on Sonic might go. Which from the second picture we see what appears to be barbed wire fencing being hastily supported by tires. Also over the edge of the fence there is a lot of heat almost lava like.

(for those of you who have seen the 90's movie Volcano will understand better probably)

 But either way the barbed wire fencing and almost makeshift barricade rubble to the right could mean that this "attack" might have been going on for quite sometime, and those who lived in this "unknown city" might have been trying to defend or even hold back the opposition for who knows how long, before the robo's come in and start torching away.



-I swear this moment just made me think of Steven Spielberg's 2005 blockbuster movie “War of The Worlds”.
Pretty neat moment in the trailer if you ask me.-

 Then last we have the final frame, where both Sonic's are juicing off into the distance. Now most people are probably thinking that the two are going confront the enemy, but I think they're running to get help or get back to hidden "resistance" spot that might just be where all that fire is brewing to the right. (almost a suicide spot if you ask me)

 But what if there's no other choice? Because I'm not seeing them running towards the enemy... No to me I'm seeing they're running away and somewhere else. Because if you follow the cobble street they are on... It's curving to the right and over to the mass of fire and danger, but not the giant robo's.

 Now with all three pictures given potential context and such... I have one more thing to bring up. Classic Sonic and why he's there. For one I know it already gave people "Generations 2" minds, but this new game is a completely brand new experience.


-I liked how Iizuka emphasizes on the "new" and "experience",
before the reveal of Sonic Team's hard work before the end of the 25th Anniversary Party Event.-

 But since this is a new experience. That implies that more than likely. That everything Sonic we knew from before is not going to be here, and this will be a fresh new game with fully new form of play. So that gets me wondering again on why all this dark in the likeness of SatAM/Ken Penders day’s of tension, and the inclusion of classic Sonic?


-Still looks like something I would've done intro wise... Oh wait... It sort of is...
(But that's a teaser for Freedom Resurrection to be revealed another day in the near future)-


 Well what if this game is Sonic Team's take on a key episode from SatAM. Where Sonic (or Juice in this episode) meets up with his younger self, and on the same day Julian Kintobor.
(Eggman for those who never saw SatAM)

  This is moment is Sonic’s younger life that Kintobor takes over the city Mobotropolis. Which causes his friends to flee along with his future girlfriend “Sally Acorn”.

 On this day (year 3324 to be exact) the people were celebrating peace and unison of the cities society, and so... What if this game could be Sonic Team's take on a similar idea, but in a new form?


-The color scheme, head with the red sinister cylindrical visor
(yet oddly gives off a SatAM/40’s and 50’s inspired feel)
If you’ve ever seen the movie “Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow”.
You’ll know what I’m getting at.-


“I don't know, but this video as short as it is…”


 Damn there's so many things that can be given context or thoughts on what this game could house, and so I'm just glad to finally see that there is a mass of positive feedback and discussions for once…




 Sonic's needed it, and me being a Sonic Boom fan. I’m just  glad to finally see some happiness again within a lot of the fan base.

 Anyway... What do you guys think? I Would love to hear your thoughts on this, and maybe even toss around what you've picked up off of this trailer in the comments.

“Conversation is power and creativity is fuel for the mind. So have it everyone.”



ZentrixStudios's Profile Picture
Zachary Bragg
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
When you and think of art. You usually think of a painting or some form of music, but to me and my team we think art as any form of something that took a sense of creativity, and time to make. Games are a prime example of an art form that has been treated as art by many, and then there's those people that think games, or even film for that matter... is not art. My team and I hope to fix that within the world of Sonic, and not only make Sonic beautiful from a visual standpoint. But also from a game play and story driven grip on the player that wants to take that extra step, and experience Sonic in a whole new way.

So now you're probably asking yourself "who are you, and how do you fit within this feat of a prospect?" Well my name is Zachary Ryan Bragg (ZealousFoX) in the world of cyberspace. I've had a good chunk of experience on the development side within a few projects here and there. Zentrix Studios not being one I was apart of, but one I started a couple years back. Most people think of skills such as developing, or managing a group of people with a certain task, and goal. To require having to have a college education. I'm sorry to disappoint those people, but I've had none of that and have acquired my skills through self teachings, trial and error, and just letting my creative mind guide me to new things. Some might wonder what am I up to as of right now.

Well the truth is... Living on almost nothing, and having to deal with a rare heart condition that I was born with. Though that's as far as I'm going to go with sorrow bits of myself, so feel free to add me on here, or add me through Skype or Steam as those two are a good ways of getting a hold of me. Other than the few social sites my team are slowly syncing into as our current project develops. So leave a comment if you'd like, and I hope you enjoy my team and I's content as things progress with what we are working on (Freedom Resurrection, and in mid-July I'll be pulling MOBIUS: Rebirth out of hiatus)

SKYPE ID: ZealousFoX -ZentrixStudios-

STEAM PROFILE:… (Not updated to my most recent endeavors, more info on me and my other works. Or things i've been apart of or am still apart of)

More ways of contact will be available later on.

So that's me in a nutshell... well half of the shell, but enough to lay down and see my cards I was housing in my palms. XD



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